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Floris - Eneco Energy Trade Trainee

Two years ago, I graduated from my master hydrogeology. I loved it but missed the link with reality. After looking at rock fractures with a width of 3 millimeters and model how individual nuclei stick to its surface, you get quite fed up with so much detail. Although my research was focused on carbon capture and storage, I started to wonder how much it would contribute to society and towards a green future. I decided to try my luck somewhere else and found Eneco Energy Trade. 

The opportunity to evolve yourself

The traineeship at Eneco Energy Trade provides the opportunity to evolve yourself in every way possible. Personal and theoretical development are a central part of the traineeship and are supported by individual coaching, group trainings and challenging assignments, aligning with your needs to boost you to a higher level. Development is also one of my personal drivers and I must say that the traineeship absolutely delivered. 

Climate and the environment are also very important to me and at Eneco Energy Trade you contribute to this cause by enabling the energy transition. Sustainable energy is wonderful but provides enormous challenges as well. We need to provide enough energy to our customers, but also need to make sure that the grid stays balanced and no blackout occurs. By developing innovative solutions, we are able to make sustainable energy affordable for customers and profitable for investors, accelerating the transition towards a green future. 

For my current assignment at the short-term trading team, I’m combining all the above. By developing a model to forecast hydro power production, we can improve our understanding on the overall power supply in Europe. Hydrology can potentially also have big influence on power demand and shipping routes, providing a unique chance to combine my expertise with my beliefs, drivers and goals. 

Have you become excited after reading the personal story of Floris?

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