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Cheryl (26)

Cheryl (26) Eneco Energy Trade Trainee

“Joining the Eneco Energy Trade (EET) traineeship have deepened my knowledge in the fundamental dynamics of the climate, world economy and the development of sustainable energy.”

There are two main reasons that I wanted to take part in the Eneco Energy Trade (EET) traineeship: 
1.    I want to become a driver of the sustainable energy movement
2.    I want to develop my career in a technical and analytical environment

Experience many different business components 

To be able to understand how the energy market works, working in a commercial energy trading company is the most direct way in learning the complex dynamic of it. Eneco Energy Trade have the expertise that varies from the weather forecast to commercial trading or contracting, which directly facilitate the supply and demand of the energy system. Eneco, as one of the leading players in the sustainable energy transition, offers the perfect place for me to experience the many different business components in enabling the energy transition.

My trading assignment 

In my second rotation of the traineeship, I worked closely with the short-term trading team. I witness the instant changes of the intra-day power trading, which traders trade upon the forecasted position versus the real-time positions that could be deviated by any fundamental changes, for example weather or failure of power plants starting. The intra-day traders are responsible in managing the position which directly contribute to the Energy Imbalance Market, which is a market that ensure the balancing of supply and dispatch to match the generation and load of the energy system. 

Developing my technical and analytic skills

Since Eneco has a large portfolio of renewable energy position which highly fluctuates depending on the weather, it makes it very difficult to match with the position on the balancing market. To maximize the profit in the vast changing short-term trading market, I worked on developing several analytical tools in improving the trading results. I had the opportunity to learn and analyze the technical factors that would have direct impacts on the trading position. From that I could develop my skills in various programing languages in developing multiple tools, such as dashboards for getting instant market insights or a trading algorithm for automatic trading strategies. 

“Afterall, it was a highly rewarding assignment that has a direct impact in enabling more profitable trading on sustainable energy while progressively developing my technical and analytical skills on the fundamental knowledge of the energy market.”

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