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Chaoyi (29)

Chaoyi (29) Eneco Energy Trade Trainee

“Eneco Energy Trade is the place where market dynamics and business value meet. It is beautiful scenery over here standing at the center of the energy transition. I invite you to come and take a look yourself.”

Why did I apply the EET traineeship?

I was lucky that I already knew that I wanted to join the energy trade domain prior to the traineeship application. During my studies and my previous jobs, I found my passion in asset flexibility, which are crucial in bridging renewable energy generation and growing power demand. I still remember during my interview when I told this interest to the commercial director. He replied positively ‘yes, EET is the right place, and there are many flexibility opportunities.’ Long story short, I got in and still very happy with the complexity of problems that EET presents.

Why traineeship?

Traineeship offers an unique opportunity to work in different parts of the puzzle. At the beginning of my career, I want to equip myself with a more generalist’s view and specialist’s knowledge. In my rotations, I want to experience different teams and develop a view in what gives me the most drive. And during my traineeship, I am encouraged to learn, experience, and think about my own career. 

Assignments at EET

For the majority of my assignments, I have focused on power markets and the value chain of physical asset flexibility. At Structuring & Origination team, I created a metrics to quantify and rank Flex assets. Along the assignment, I worked on valuation of assets with the senior structurer, and presented value to the client. Then, I went to month-ahead (MA) / day-ahead (DA) Power team and worked together with traders and analysts to valuate a certain financial instrument. I even had one assignment out of EET to work with the Asset business unit. Currently, I am at Short Term Desk, deepening my knowledge on DA/post-DA markets, creating prediction models, and developing trading strategies to extract most value from Flex assets. 

During one assignment, I conducted a series of interviews with our COO and the Asset management team for business requirements. At the beginning, I still recall that I was uncertain on what is the best way to communicate. I was given freedom, and I tried out different styles of presenting and interviewing. Before long, the communication becomes effective and outcomes were fruitful. In the end, we got greenlight on the project after translating those inputs into an executable action plan. Looking back, moments like this granted steepest learning to me both intellectually and personally. 

Is it for you?

You will face some of the most relevant, challenging, and complex problems from the energy transition. Luckily, you are also surrounded by smart colleagues (really smart) so you will solve these challenges together. If all that has been mentioned above excites you, apply for the traineeship now!

Have you become excited after reading the personal story of Chaoyi?

Check out the Eneco Energy Trade Traineeship and learn more about our traineeship and the ways to apply. Applications have to be in before May 8th. We have limited spots available, so don't wait any longer! 


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