Nicolette Drijber
Huxley Amsterdam

"Since I started working for SThree I found out that everything is possible, I still learn new things everyday. We work hard and celebrate our successes in style. After being 8 years in the company, having worked for several brands, I am very PROUD to work for SThree. We have built excellent client and candidate relationships in the last 14 years in the Netherlands. The best thing about my job is to congratulate people with their new career! Since 2 years I am the manager of the IT Development & Testing team for the permanent division, which gives me a lot of ENERGY. It is FUN, a pleasure and challenging to be leading a team of recruitment consultants and still doing my own placements. My colleagues and managers are great people to work with, we RESPECT each other and celebrate successes together", Nicolette Drijber, Sales Team Manager, Huxley Amsterdam

<p>Nicolette Drijber <br />Sales Team Manager, Huxley Amsterdam</p>

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Manager Talent Acquisition
Singel 540
1017AZ Amsterdam