Natalia Duarte Fernandes

Natalia Duarte joined the Prysmian Group through the 3rd wave of Build the Future Graduate Program, in 2014. Find out what she does within the Group and what her experience is.

What do you do in Prysmian and why is it important?

I am a Product Development Engineer in Schuylkill Haven, USA. I consider a Product Development Engineer important for the company because we are responsible to provide a link between Sales and Operation, translating the costumers need into products and solutions that will make the company even more profitable.

What is your team like?

For the success of the R&D projects, it is very important to have a great team, which means, in my opinion, people with different knowledge helping each other and working together to achieve the same goal. And I am proud to say that my team is exactly like this!

How have you developed in your role?

I consider my job as a continuous learning: new materials, new products, new process, new markets… Front of all these opportunities, I think my main development in Prysmian is exactly be able to follow and react to “the new.”

What is the best thing about your job?

Being a Product Development Engineer is the same as being in a very dynamic environment, facing many projects at the same time, dealing with different areas of the company and being always ready for present solutions and ideas.

What has been your most rewarding project so far?

I am involved in the AirGuard project in USA that has been a very nice experience for me, in which I am participating in the prototypes manufacture, in the lab analysis and in the cost evaluation. The project is not complete yet, but we can already see good results.

What is the international environment like?

The international environment is a continuous challenge: I’m Brasilian and it is not easy to be away from home, but in the other hand, it is very rewarding to work with new people, increase my knowledge and have a very different cultural experience.

What does your future look like?

In my life, I always try to learn something new, to create a great network and to overcome myself in the daily activities, because I believe I am building my future now and it will be a reflection of my present.

Why would you recommend Prysmian to a young talent?

I believe Prysmian Graduate Program is a great opportunity to start my career. The program offers one year job rotation, which gave me a chance to have a systemic vision about the company before my international assignment in USA. In addition, as a global business, I am always in touch with people from different countries, which provides me an opportunity to build a multi-cultural network and exchange knowledge with different professionals in my area.

Humberto Paiva Duplat, South America Energy Sales Director, has been Natalia’s mentor since she joined the company.

Humberto, which are Natalia’s skills and how a young talent could contribute to the business?

Besides Natalia’s great technical skills, it was her attitude that positively impressed me since the first months. She never limited herself doing only what she has been asked to do, she always tried to do more, offering her contribution to issues that she could add value in dealing with. It’s also very strong the resilience showed for overcoming difficulties, and she did it with high level of independence. I’m sure that Natalia, together with the others graduates of this program will contribute to evolution of our company. All of them show a great wiliness to face the new, deal with complexity and be part of this evolution. For me, it’s a great pleasure and challenge at the same time, interact with this talented and motivated team, supporting them in this first stage of their carriers.

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