Paolo Tulino
nuclear engineer

Paolo Tulino - Nuclear Fuel Project

I am a nuclear engineer from Italy. The first project I completed was as an external consultant for PALLAS Foundation. In this project I supported Juan Matías Tuñón (Lead Nuclear Engineer) in the fuel qualification of the future PALLAS reactor. I was very excited about this opportunity because not only was I going to start my first experience in the nuclear field, but this also gave me the opportunity to work for a company which is developing a brand new research reactor. One doesn’t get this chance often!

Juan Matías Tuñón Lead Engineer Nuclear Systems Pallas: “Paolo has been quite proactive and helpful in the development of his activities. He keeps a positive and pleasant attitude, combined with respectful behaviour. He managed to solve very technical and specialised topics in a brief amount of time."

Part of my work was to review the fuel design reports issued by the Argentinian designer (ICHOS). The report addressed whether the fuel was able to create the ideal circumstances for the production of the required isotopes. In addition, I had to assess if the specific parameters, such as temperature, heat flux and pressure of the reactor were in accordance with the rules and regulations of the regulatory bodies. The end result of the project was a report that triggered further discussions between ICHOS and PALLAS, which helped the overall progress of the fuel qualification. Eventually, I was even asked to review the updated version of the documents. I was happy with this acknowledgement because it showed that my project manager appreciated the work that I had done.

Paolo Trainee: “My project at PALLAS offered me an insight into what it is like to work for a highly professional organisation. It was a great learning experience."

What I really appreciated about this project were the discussions with my project manager about nuclear physics, neutronics and the mechanics of the reactor. This resulted in gaining knowledge of the systems of research reactors and a deeper understanding of fuel assemblies. Besides the knowledge gain I also experienced what it is like to work in an international environment and got the opportunity to share thoughts and learn from my coach: the PALLAS CFO Nico van Ginkel. It was an interesting and successful project.

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