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Panda International

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Panda’s DNA = (young, vibrant and fun) + (high-performing and professional).  We’re a leading recruitment company operating in Life Sciences. Don’t know anything about the sector?  Don’t worry because we’ll teach you everything you need to know about recruitment, sales and the sector.  Our recruiters place mid to high-level professionals in either permanent jobs or temporary projects where additional knowledge and expertise is often required to help our clients get their product to market.
What’s the goal of Panda International?
Over the years, Panda International has built quite a reputation with top listed companies, simply because we’re successful in filling high-level ‘hard to fill’ roles very quickly. This is due to a combination of applying up-to-date recruitment methods and technology; combined with the skill, knowledge, and mind-set of our recruiters.  
Now is an incredibly exciting time to join the Panda International as we expect to double in size over the next 12 months from 22 to 44 staff so we can meet the demands of our clients.  The growth of Panda International opens great opportunities for the employees who are looking for fast career progression.

What makes us different?  We have most of the benefits of a large organization including a solid backoffice to support our staff.  We’ve worked incredibly hard over the years building efficient internal processes and we use the latest tools and technology to give our recruiters a competitive edge.  We know we’re only as good as our people which is why we invest heavily in the training a development of our staff and fast-track the careers of our top performers who are interested in leadership. From the moment you join you know exactly what is required to get your first promotion and what is needed to become a leader in the company.  Apart from having the ‘big business feel’, we have the agility of a smaller company.  So instead of waiting a year for a good idea to hit the boardroom, we can make quick decisions and make necessary changes to the business to remain competitive in a quickly evolving market.  An example of this is our sophisticated lead generation tactics conducted by our recruiters and our marketing team.   
We don’t just say we value our people; we back it up!  A percentage of Panda International’s equity has been reserved for top performing employees who demonstrate the values of Panda International.  An employee with only two years experienced has just had the pleasure in receiving equity.   
What else? Our office is based in one of the most vibrant parts of Amsterdam – right next to Paradiso so the ideal location to let off some steam after having a successful week in the office.    
BALI BALI BALI For one month of the year Panda International hire a villa in Bali and take a selected group of performers to work remotely!




werken bij Panda International


Panda International

Human Resources

Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21
1017 RP Amsterdam



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