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Mars Nederland

Associates, not employers

Work at Mars

Build new solutions from the ground up.

Just graduated and looking for a traineeship in a global company?
Would you like to contribute to large brands such as UNCLE BEN'S, SUZI WAN, SEEDS OF CHANGE or DOLMIO? Mars offers you a great career!

Discover a world which people are constantly shaping

At Mars, we believe in giving everyone the toughest deal there is: freedom.The freedom to grow, the freedom to excel, to make decisions, to challenge yourself and your team- in short, the freedom to take responsibility. From the moment you join us, you'll notice the difference at Mars. We'll listen to your ideas, encourage you to question things and give you responsibility for your own progress. It's no accident we work like this. We're a family-owned business that doesn't have to please shareholders so there's a real sense of freedom here. All of which will allow you to take control of your progress, leave a lasting impression and get ahead.

werken bij Mars Nederland


Mars Nederland

Recruitment Team

Benjamin Franklinstraat 19
3261 LW Oud-Beijerland

+31 (0) 413 383436


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