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A Legacy of Innovation

Working at Hexion

Are you ready for a challenging and interesting career that can help contribute to building a better world? With our dynamic team based culture, associates will always receive open & respectful feedback about contributions, which will foster growth and lead to an extremely rewarding career path. Associates will always have the advantage of a high integrity leadership team that is tremendously involved, engaged and empowering.

Hexion is a global leader in specialty chemicals, with a broad range of advanced specialty products that help industrial and consumer companies support and improve everyday life. With our extensive portfolio of technologies, customers can tailor solutions with the specific performance characteristics they need in their end use products. Hexion’s application development centers, located in every major region of the world, are continually developing new products and processes to deliver value for our customers worldwide - so they can make living, working, traveling and communicating easier for everyone.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Hexion Inc. is the global leader in thermoset resins. Through a broad range of thermoset technologies and specialty products, Hexion serves and supports customers in a diverse range of applications and industries. Hexion materials are found in products that touch nearly every facet of modern living. 

At Hexion, we believe that leadership begins with integrity, ethics and environmentally sound operations. When you work for Hexion, you are partnering with a company that is not only focused on delivering value but on doing it in a safe, ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Werken bij Hexion



Nils Bakker
EU Staffing Leader

Seattleweg 17
3195 ND Rotterdam

+31 10 295 4509

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