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Work at ASML & Ormit

ASML is a true driving force when it comes to pioneering technologies. 80% of machinery and equipment used on a day-to-day basis would not exist if it were not for ASML. To respond to customer needs, ASML works on developing innovative technologies every day.

At ASML S&MT you are in charge of your own development. Some assignments will have a strong technical angle while others will require you to effectively coordinate and optimise people and processes. You will be matched with projects based on your background and ambitions. To contribute optimally to these projects, it is important that you feel at home in a technology-driven environment, but also that you can achieve results by matching people and processes and take decisions.

ORMIT has been perfecting its development programme since 1994. Our formula for developing personal leadership qualities in talented individuals has been proved successful time and again! We will accelerate your personal growth at ASML S&MT by combining the elements below:

werken bij ASML ORMIT



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